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Crisis communications management to ensure positive brand reputations.

Every organisation is vulnerable to a crisis, but it’s how you respond that defines you. As a crisis communications agency, at ADPR we have the know-how to enable you to stay one step ahead of the game and ensure a quick and appropriate response is delivered.

Crises come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is as a result of internal developments, changes to the working environment or a serious incident, making the wrong decision in the event of a crisis can have a serious damaging effect on a company’s reputation. Having a balanced and timely communication plan is always essential. Hoping the issue will go away is simply not an option!

We can help navigate your business through any crisis situation. We will help take the pressure from you and guide you through handling the situation effectively. We will do this by advising on strategy, helping to minimise reputational damage and building and implementing an effective response programme from media management to employee engagement. Of course, crisis do not usually unfold during standard operating hours, so as a crisis communications agency we offer 24/7 monitoring and consultancy support to coordinate communications activity across all key stakeholders. We also have the tools to monitor online sources and track any issues that arise so that they can be dealt with immediately. Ensuring social media interactions are managed properly and criticism is responded to is key to handling online reputation management.

As well as reactive crisis management, we can also help you build a robust crisis management plan to be prepared in dealing with any situation effectively. This includes an analysis of the risk of a crisis to your business, who to assemble as your communications team, identifying spokespeople and communication methods and messaging. You might think you will never experience a crisis, but having a proactive plan in place anyway will ensure you can deal with any situation quickly and effectively.

Alongside our crisis communications and management, we also specialise in training how to handle hostile journalists and diffusing potential issues. The specific elements of our training are discussed and agreed prior to the sessions, but typically include key functions of a crisis management team, the role of media, implementing a plan effectively, tools to support the team and training of spokespeople to handle tough questions in a challenging situation under the glare of the cameras.

Crisis planning requires strong leadership and effective implementation, but done well it can protect your brand’s reputation.

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