How to 03.10.2017

How to maximise the power of social media for exhibitions

Exhibiting at a show can come at a considerable expense and, with all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make it happen, promoting your presence can often get overlooked.

Before any show, ensure you have an effective social media campaign in place to maximise your presence at a crowded event and reach as many prospective customers as possible. To give you a  helping hand, we’ve put together our top ten tips for running an effective exhibition social media campaign.

1. Have a plan
Regardless of which platform you are using, create a plan that details what you plan to post and when. It’s no good posting intermittently as it will no doubt pass readers by, so make sure you’re in amongst the action from the get go!

2. Set up a Twitter account
If you don’t already have one. Every show will be using a hashtag or two to promote the event. Find out what these are and before the show, tweet about your attendance, stand number and any other activities you’re doing prior to the show. Join in the pre-show buzz

3. Offer an incentive
Tweet customers and prospective customers informing them of your attendance inviting them to drop by your stand. Provide catalogues, booklets or freebies for those who stop by so they have something to take away with them

4. Get in touch with industry journalists
Tweet those that you know will be attending. Invite them to the stand and tell them a little about what you’ve got exhibiting and why you’re there (tricky but not impossible in 140 characters!)

5. Run a Twitter competition
Ask attendees to Tweet a photo of your stand using the show hashtag and your Twitter handle to be in with the chance of winning. Not only does this provide an extra layer of publicity at the show but also encourages the public to visit the stand and helps build a list of attendees to follow up with after the event

6. Post about your daily activity
Post details of what you’re up to during the show – name checking any journalists, industry bigwigs or customers who’ve visited the stand. Take and share photos of what’s happening and if you’re feeling adventurous why not live stream from your stand – bring the show to those who can’t be there! Don’t forget to also retweet any activity where you’re mentioned

7. Host a happy hour
If you have a brand ambassador at the show then hold a meet and greet on the stand, invite the public and journalists. Take pictures to Tweet or live stream!

8. Virtual follow ups
After the show, get back in (virtual) contact with anyone you’ve connected with in the real world via LinkedIn (the perfect environment to connect, especially in the B2B space) or Twitter. Ask if they got everything they needed from you or if there’s an opportunity to set up another face to face meeting

9. Say ‘thank you’
Once the show has ended say ‘thank you’ to the organising team, using the show hashtag to ensure you get the most from any post show awareness. This works especially well if you have a great deal or story coming out from the show

10. Write a blog post
Include any post show quotes and point all your new connections to it via your social media channels. Inform your readers of where you’re headed next and thank those for making the time to stop by and say hello!

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