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Snapshot of the global marine media’s thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic and boat shows

At ADPR, whilst we help businesses of all types, one of our niches is the marine and maritime sectors. We recently conducted a global marine media audit to gather the thoughts of key press on their attendance at boat shows as well as other changes marine publications are facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We wanted to gather some feedback from the core global marine publications in order that we can best advise our marine clients. We gathered a total of 22 results from global marine publications (we will update this post as we get more feedback) please see below for the results so far:

    1. Are you planning on attending any boat shows this year (2020)?

 62% of the media answered yes to attending boat shows this year, the boat shows they were definitely planning to attend (in order) were:

    • Cannes
    • Genova
    • Monaco
    • Lauderdale
    • Southampton

19% were undecided on their attendance, and answers often described how their decision would be dependent on the specific boat show’s safety measures and other attendees.

19% answered that they will not be attending any boat shows this year.



  1. How do you feel about attending boat shows next year (2021)?

91% of answers were confident they would be attending boat shows next year.

9% were undecided and are waiting to see how the situation is at the time before giving a firm answer.


How are you feeling about attending boat shows this year (2020)?

The majority of the key media who participated stated they were feeling either ‘confident’, ‘positive’ or ‘good’ about attending boat shows this year. A few, however, explained how they are a little ‘uneasy’ and feel ‘almost safe’, but not completely just yet.

  1. Do you feel comfortable travelling internationally?

52% of the media were happy to travel internationally.

14% were happy to travel within Europe, but not transatlantically.

34% did not feel comfortable travelling internationally.


  1. Would you attend boat shows this year (2020) in your country?

All responses confirmed they would either strongly consider or definitely attend boat shows within their country of residence this year.

  1. Would you still cover boat shows if you didn’t attend?

Every marine publication confirmed they would cover boat shows even if they hadn’t attended themselves.


  1. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, are there any stories you are covering more?

85% of publications described their marine stories to be as ‘usual’ with ‘no changes’ in coverage.

The remaining 15% explained they are covering more stories regarding review style pieces and reader-generated stories.

  1. Are there any stories you are particularly interested in hearing about during the recovery period of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Most of the media which responded wanted to continue hearing from brands about similar topics to pre-Covid-19.

  1. Are you back to a full team yet?

Most answers explained that they were back to a full team now, or were very nearly back to a full team. Some had not had any changes to their team sizes at all, and a few respondents were still running with a skeleton amount of staff.

  1. Will there be any changes to your publication as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

90% of publications will have no changes but many stated the focus on the move to digital would remain, as would developing online interactions with their readers.

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