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How to market your business in a post-Covid world

As things slowly start to ease back to a more normal way of life, there are still a few things that can’t get back to the way they were for a little while longer yet. These include mass gatherings and large-scale events for businesses. Whilst the Government has said that there are pilot events currently being reviewed and they are hoping that by the Autumn events may be able to proceed, there is no denying this has severely affected those businesses for whom events and exhibitions make up a large part of their marketing strategy.

If this sounds like your business, read on for some alternative suggestions for marketing your business in a post-Covid world. Hint – digital channels will become your best friend!

Make a plan

Your first step is to make a plan based on research. What specifically did your business get out of the events you attended? Was it getting new leads, meeting up with existing clients, or brand awareness? Reviewing your past outcomes and successes should shape your new approach which will help you reach the same goals in a different way.

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E-commerce success

With the increased trend for consumers shopping online showing no sign of slowing, is it possible to switch up your business model and sell direct to your customers online? Having some element of your business that is e-commerce will help to future-proof your business. We saw over lockdown numerous businesses that traditionally only sold to retailers, pivoting to create a direct-to-consumer model. It’s this sort of digital transformation that could be just the tonic your business needs.

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Market your business online

Whatever business model you have, you can still promote your business online. With 81% of consumer searches starting online, advertising on Google makes sense. It has massive reach, which can help you earn the attention of new customers. There are lots of different search advertising solutions for every stage of your customer’s purchasing journey, so there’s bound to be something that works for you. It also is the only form of advertising where you help your customers find the answer they are searching for instead of interrupting their experience. Win-win!

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Get social

If you mainly use events and exhibitions for keeping in touch with prospects and customers, then developing an online community could help to keep you front of mind, as well as potentially helping you reach new customers too. And don’t think social media is only for consumer facing businesses. B2B organisations can use LinkedIn, What’sApp and even private Facebook groups to keep in touch with their community. Online networking events are also proving popular and effective for B2B organisations. If there aren’t any in your niche, how about launching one of your own? You can find out more about hosting online events here.

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Content is king, still!

This phrase has been around for eternity but it’s still true! Content online really is king. A good place to start when it comes to valuable content creation is to answer the common questions you encounter in your business, offer tips and how-to guides, or share relevant industry comment or content that your audience will find interesting. If you’re providing value, you’re doing content marketing right! Ensuring your website is regularly updated with fresh content is crucial for both feeding your social media channels and for notifying Google to index your website regularly, which helps increase your site’s search engine rankings. Couple your regular flow of content with some basic key word research (try a free tool like Answer The Public) and not only do you have a content strategy but a search engine optimisation strategy too!

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We hope you find these tips for marketing your business in a post-Covid world useful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on If you enjoyed this blog and would like to read something similar, you can check out our blog on The Latest Social Media Updates.

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