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Top tips for marketing your business as lockdown eases

As the UK’s lockdown measures ease, businesses now need to tread a careful path for getting their marketing communications and messaging right.

Whilst marketing your business is essential, getting it right as we come out from a global pandemic may not be easy.

We have listed some of our top tips to give you a head start as we all try to get back to some kind of normality!

  1. Engagement

We have been starved of human interaction for months now, so make sure you are still doing everything you can to get your brand message out there and connecting your business with others – social media is a great way to do this. Keep your audience up to date with clear communication of any changes in your business and ensure your staff and your customers’ health is your number one priority. With people’s habits and routines changing significantly throughout this period, you will need to find out how your customers wish to engage with you now. It might be what worked for you before, doesn’t anymore. And now is a good time to re-evaluate your marketing plans and check your brand imagery and language, making sure they are still fit for purpose!

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  1. Flexibility

We are all currently experiencing our own “new normal” with many parents home-schooling children, people working staggered shifts and businesses with employees working from home. This new way of working requires businesses to support employees with flexibility and trust (read more on employee trust here). In the same way, how we communicate with customers has also changed. In the place of face-to-face interaction, zoom video calls, webinars and even online networking have become the ‘norm’. As we start to ease out of coronavirus lockdown measures, businesses need to be sensitive to how customers and employees want to be communicated with, and we need to develop flexible solutions that suit your customer’s new time frame. If you are a shop this might mean extended opening hours and if you are a B2B business this could mean video updates using a tool such as Loom, so your client can digest the information at a time that suits them.

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  1. Digitalisation

Following from the need for more flexibility, our next tip is to focus on maximising your digital footprint. Online engagement rates have soared over this period and they aren’t expected to decrease any time soon. To get the most from this opportunity, think about how you are delivering value to your audience with high quality content and posts. Put your business on the map digitally to optimise your online audience, this could be through creating engaging videos or through hosting virtual events.

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  1. Be sensitive

We have all been under the threat of an invisible virus, living in uncertain and scary times. In your marketing communications, be understanding of others and support one another. We are all adapting to the unknown and there are many sensitivities and challenges that people may still be facing.

Making the most out of your marketing may seem difficult currently but following a few of the tips listed here will start the ball rolling to help you get back on your feet. Harness new exciting ways to market your business, and don’t be scared of change!

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