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How to optimise relationships right now for future success

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) recently hosted a virtual Taskforce Forum featuring a range of interesting panellists, all with extensive careers and experience in communications. We wanted to share the key talking points and tips on how to optimise relationships – whether internal or external – right now.

The panellists, which included Rachel Friend, Rob Six and Conall McDevitt, discussed how investing time into your business communications now, will help to amplify your business strategy in these difficult times. Defining and understanding your shifted strategy is the first step, and no matter what your position in the business is, having input from all internal stakeholders will strengthen your strategy. Your internal relationships should be your highest priority at the moment, as your staff will be the glue that helps keep your business together. Trust your colleagues to deliver exceptional work and they will!

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Trust and honesty are the key elements needed for building any strong relationships. Openness will allow trust to truly develop between businesses and your staff, clients, stakeholders, and customers. To showcase your transparency, it is important to be clear and concise in all your communications. Time is precious at the moment for everyone, so teams – whether internal or external – need to know what the priorities are and focus on these. To keep on track, build in regular reporting on key performance indicators and other success measures to ensure team communication is highly effective and schedule weekly updates and check-ins to help anticipate what your teams need, whilst strengthening relationships.

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We all thrive on face-to-face interaction and it’s still the best way to optimise relationships right now, we’re just doing it through technology instead. Even after the lockdown is over completely and we’ve all returned to work, it’s important to keep up those face-to-face relationships, either in-real-life or through virtual means.

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Creativity is more important than ever thanks to the increase in online consumption and achieving cut-through is getting more difficult. Building a strong team dynamic will help to harness awesome creative ideas to allow your teams to find unique and innovative solutions to communicate engagingly with stakeholders.

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Optimising your internal and external relationships should be prioritised now so that when we all get back on our feet and business returns to the “new” normal, your business has the strongest of foundations from which to build.

The Department of Commerce states that 70% of smaller companies go out of business within just one year of experiencing a crisis – we think this is enough of a reason to be prepared! Our Crisis PR 101 guide will give you the tools you need to develop a crisis plan that will protect your business when a crisis strikes. As well as the guide you’ll get top tips from experts to give you more support in building a futureproof plan for your business.