Successful media messages

As PR professionals, achieving a successful media message is the aim of the game! Yet sometimes, the message can be lost in translation and, as a result, never reach the pages of publications. A couple of weeks ago, ADPR’s newest team members, Poppy and Lili, took part in a Successful Media Messages webinar, hosted by the PRCA, to get some top tips.

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How brands can use podcasts

Podcasts are a great, portable way for people to stay engaged and up-to-date with topics and people of interest. Over the last couple of years, brands have capitalised on the growing popularity of podcasts, with the likes of McDonalds, Johnson & Johnson and eBay all hosting their own.

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Feeling festive with Helly Hansen

Back in the summer, Christmas came early in the world of Helly Hansen as a selection of top industry media were welcomed to our winter wonderland at our Christmas in August event.

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OASIS planning model

We recently joined a small group of marketing and communications professionals at HM Land Registry in Plymouth to learn about the Government Communication Service’s OASIS planning model and hear about some exciting local campaigns who have used the model successfully.

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How to build your personal brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for building professional relationships. It’s instrumental in raising your profile and getting recommendations for your work, as well as for sharing professional content and staying up to date with industry news. But how can LinkedIn be used to build your personal brand?

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How to deal with negative reviews on social media

Receiving a negative review on social media is never something any brand looks forward to. However, they aren’t actually all bad… It may be a surprise to hear they can provide opportunities to show what a fabulous company you are in different ways! If dealt with effectively, bad reviews highlight your exceptional customer service and other positives about your brand in light of the negative feedback.

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