For public relations advice please get in touch +44 (0)1460 241641

About Us

Our clients say we are dynamic, creative and fun to work with.

The media we work with say we are highly respected, knowledgeable and reliable.

We like to think we’re all of that, and a lot more.

At ADPR we’ve been delivering high-impact PR results for over 23 years. We’re proud that we’ve worked with some of our clients for over fifteen years. It endorses the fact that we stay creative, enthusiastic and continue to deliver high quality results.

We like to be part of your marketing team and to totally understand your business needs. That way we can do the very best job for you.

We love to deliver results. From internal communications, newsletters and social media, through to international press relations campaigns, design and brand awareness, photography, events, sponsorship and launches, we’ll listen to your needs and offer specialist advice to create the best campaign to achieve your objectives.

We're always ready to help, whenever you need us. Why not contact us and see what the ADPR team can offer you?

Our Clients

For public relations advice please get in touch +44 (0)1460 241641