What Makes A Good PR Campaign

What Makes A Good PR Campaign?

Good PR campaigns take a lot of time and effort! When done right, running a successful PR campaign can be game-changing for any business – they can attract positive media attention and create a positive relationship with your target audience. When done badly they can negatively affect your brand and company reputation – this is usually as a result of not understanding your target audience or not thinking the campaign through enough!

But we’re not here to talk about when it all goes wrong! With these quick fire top tips you can ensure a hugely successful PR Campaign every time …

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Planning basics – six key steps to create a successful marketing plan

Marketing plays a crucial role in achieving growth for every business. It is important to know what you want to achieve and how to maximise the effect of your marketing efforts!
To successfully execute marketing for your business, it is hugely important to create a strong marketing plan. A marketing plan consists of all the details of the marketing strategy you are going to apply. Here are our six key steps to include to make your marketing dreams come true!

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How To Write A Great Agency Brief

How To Write A Great Agency Brief

Working with an agency is a two-way street and in order to get the best from your agency, you need to give them the best chance of success. This means, giving them a really detailed and informative agency brief.

Briefs (pants or otherwise) come in all shapes and sizes. And, depending on the tasks at hand, can be given verbally, written in an email or a more formal tender document or presentation. Regardless of the task however, there are a few key elements to ensure you include to get the best feedback…

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How to use the OASIS planning model

The government’s OASIS planning model is an effective tool used for shaping all types of communications and campaigns, ensuring they are carefully planned, efficient and effectively evaluated as required.

We reviewed the five steps of the model in this blog and here we’ll discuss how you can put them to use within your own marketing campaigns. Or, you can check out this episode of our Revitalise & Grow podcast where we talk through each of the steps of the OASIS planning model and how to put it in to practice.

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The dos and don’ts of trade media relations

Business-to-business (B2B) or trade media relations is a specialised field that often lacks the level of attention and advice that business-to-consumer media relations receives. There are some extremely niche B2B magazine titles out there and while their agendas are undeniably very different to those of the national or consumer press, it’s important to recognise their significance. Securing coverage in your relevant trade media can be a fast-track to establishing your thought leadership programme. For more information on what exactly thought leadership is, check out this episode of the Revitalise & Grow podcast.

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How to maximise your product launch at trade events

Trade shows are a great way to introduce and showcase a new product or service to your target audience. Keep reading for our top tips for making your trade exhibition product launch unmissable! You can also check out our Revitalise & Grow podcast episode on creating a trade show marketing strategy, for even more on how to maximise product launches and trade events!

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