Our top turn-of-year TV ad campaigns

It’s that time of year, Christmas is tantalisingly close and that means so is January. Cold, dark and seemingly never-ending. Businesses from across the travel sector are all trying to grab the attention of consumers suffering the January blues.

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AI and the future of PR and communications

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in the South West with a dinner for industry leaders at the Ivy Brasserie in Bath. ADPR’s Managing Director, Kate, attended the event and was treated to fabulous evening of networking alongside a keynote speech from the author of AI in Marketing, Katie King, about AI and its future in PR and communications.

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Preparing for the Digital Future

Jenny and Sophie recently attended the Chartered Institute of Public Relations 2019 National Conference, held at the British Library in London. With over 150 PR pros attending, the event covered a wide range of interesting topics relating to this year’s theme of preparing for the digital future.

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Our favourite Christmas ads and why we think they’re great

With only eight days to go until the big day, the Christmas ad season is well and truly underway. This year, brands have blessed us with some absolute crackers. But this blog isn’t just about the gems of 2019, we’re taking a look back through the years at some of our favourites and why we love ‘em!

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Successful media messages

As PR professionals, achieving a successful media message is the aim of the game! Yet sometimes, the message can be lost in translation and, as a result, never reach the pages of publications. A couple of weeks ago, ADPR’s newest team members, Poppy and Lili, took part in a Successful Media Messages webinar, hosted by the PRCA, to get some top tips.

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