Beat the boredom: celebrating Easter in lockdown

Easter falls this weekend, with a four-day break for many across the UK and an excuse to indulge in delicious food (chocolate for breakfast is totally acceptable, right?!) Here are seven ways to celebrate Easter and take care of yourself while practicing social distancing.

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Some of our favourite remote working apps

As we all adjust to life in lockdown, many of us are working from home for the first time. In this blog we’re going to talk through some of our favourite apps for getting the most from your working day when you’re at home!

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Reasons to love live streaming

With today’s easy to use tech, face-to-face interactions can almost completely be replicated through a screen. So, whilst we are social distancing, the next best thing to meeting physically, is meeting virtually!

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Covid-19: collaboration is key to overcome new challenges

The challenges facing consumers, small businesses and freelancers continues to grow as COVID-19 continues to change everything about life and work as we know it. This is why now, more than ever, is a great time for you and your business to embrace collaboration and partnerships.

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How to maintain visibility with your customers during COVID-19

We are operating in unprecedented circumstances right now. Many businesses have had to pivot their business models virtually overnight in order to keep going, some businesses have had to close completely and some are trying to stay open as best they can working with reduced teams and offering reduced products and services. Whatever situation your business has found itself in, its critical you maintain visibility with your customers in order to keep your brand front of mind – whether you are currently still operating or not.

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8 top tips for communications during COVID-19

As we all navigate through this uncertain time, getting your communications right has never been more important. It’s critical your customers, colleagues and suppliers understand what you are saying and why, and what, if anything, they need to do in response.

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