ADPR launches media buying service

We are pleased to announce, at last, the official launch of our comprehensive, international media buying service. After running several trial campaigns for clients over the past six months, we now have the perfect formula to help save our clients’ money and get the best return on investment for their advertising spend.

Developing and implementing a highly effective multi-platform, multi-chMedia buyingannel, global advertising placement campaign that maximises both your reach and your budget is critical. We are able to handle the planning of our clients’ advertising across a wide variety of sectors globally. We offer insight-based recommendations on the right media partners for your brands, whilst securing the most impactful placements and negotiating exceptional rates. As your media buying partner we will plan and execute your advertising campaigns expertly, working in multi currencies while providing professional management support throughout campaigns. We do not charge a fee for the management of your advertising portfolio.

We do all the work, we have a team of planners and many systems that can help inform us on our media choice – TGI, Acorn, Mosaic – that way we buy less wastage and spend your money more wisely, seeing better ROI and wider brand awareness. Due to our buying power we will always beat client rates and thanks to our 26 years of experience, we have full knowledge of the media landscape both off and online.

If you would like to discuss ADPR handling your media buying, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Sophie Foyle for a free review.

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