Case Study: Step into Spring with Colour

The Challenge

Building on the incredible success of its “Made in Britain” collection, quintessentially British footwear brand, Chatham, developed a game-changing new collection for Summer 2018. Entitled, “Made in Britain – BYU” this is a unique collection of premium leather men’s lace up and slip on deck shoes. Made by hand at Chatham’s HQ in Exeter, these styles will be available in one of ten vibrant colourways, in the standard, full colour style or a bespoke option, which allows customers to showcase their creative flair. BYU gives customers a unique opportunity to personalise their footwear and truly express themselves.

The challenge was to launch this unique collection and raise awareness of the wider brand story of British manufacturing with key local and specialist titles.

The Solution

ADPR worked closely with the team at Chatham to develop a launch event which showcased this new collection and provided insight into its story, from research and development to the last stitch. Ahead of the event, ADPR secured media attendance from key lifestyle and marine press, and developed critical assets to ensure full understanding of the BYU collection and the wider Summer 2018 collection would be achieved. Developing the narrative around the brand’s investment in British manufacturing, attendees to the event were given a tour of the Made In Britain factory and learnt about the process and features involved in the making of this unique concept, even being invited to have a go at dying the leather themselves.

The Result

The launch event was a great success, with the media feedback being that they found the day to be engaging, informative and thoroughly enjoyable. The media contacts who had prior knowledge of the brand were introduced to a new side of the Chatham story and intrigue was established with new publications. Coverage of the new collection, the unique manufacturing process and the Made In Britain factory was secured with the press who attended and the assets created to support the event enabled further coverage to be secured in key local and lifestyle publications who were unable to be at the event itself.