New Sunsail flotilla offers the best of both worlds in Dubrovnik

Sunsail, the global yacht charter company offering sailing experiences for both seasoned adventurers and novice sailors, launches a brand-new one-week flotilla route in Dubrovnik, Croatia, known as the Elafiti Flotilla, for the 2024 Mediterranean season.

With departures available from 26 May 2024, the flotilla promises an exceptional blend of exploration, relaxation, and camaraderie for sailing enthusiasts.

Caroline Barbour, UK Marketing Manager for Sunsail, comments, “We’re excited to unveil our latest offering, the one-week Elafiti Flotilla in Dubrovnik that captures the essence of the stunning Elafiti Islands. These islands offer beautiful anchorages, hidden coves, and charming villages. This route has been meticulously crafted to provide the perfect balance of scenic sailing, onshore experiences and leisurely moments, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a remarkable sailing holiday – the short island hops are also perfect for families.

“A flotilla caters to all experience levels, providing the opportunity to sail alongside fellow yachts led by an expert guide. With onboard crew available day and night, and the freedom for independent exploration, it’s an ideal choice. No sailing background is necessary for a Sunsail holiday, with newcomers or those who would prefer a helping hand able to opt for a skipper.”

Elafiti Flotilla – one-week itinerary

Sunday – Dubrovnik: Renowned for its stunning old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Dubrovnik merges medieval charm with coastal beauty, offering historic architecture and captivating Adriatic vistas in one enchanting destination. Rich in history and culture, travellers can explore ancient forts, palaces, churches, and museums that tell the story of Dubrovnik’s past. Guests can enjoy a leisurely evening at Aci Dubrovnik marina, making use of the free facilities and taking in the picturesque surroundings.

Monday – Slano: Sail to the charming Slano town, embracing the coastal beauty and relishing the start of the journey. In the evening, gather for a delightful gin and tonic party, fostering a sense of camaraderie among fellow sailors.

Tuesday – Pelješac to Kobaš: Set sail from Slano to Pelješac’s Kobaš, an enchanting destination that promises breathtaking views and serene waters. The day concludes with a group meal featuring traditional Dalmatian cuisine, uniting the flotilla in a memorable dining experience.

Wednesday – Mljet Island to Prožura: Engage in friendly competition as Sunsail organises a dinghy race, adding a dash of excitement to your journey. Prepare for some rowing and immerse yourself in the thrill of the race.

Thursday – Free Sailing Day: Take the reins of the adventure with a free sailing day, whether you want to unwind or explore, there are various routes to explore and you can visit remote islands, historic towns, and secluded bays.

Friday – Šipan Island to Suđurađ: Visit the charming church of Sveti Durda, a remarkable architectural gem that stands as a testament to the region’s history. The evening culminates in a cocktail competition, where the lead crew samples your creations and crowns the best cocktail of the flotilla.

Saturday – Return to Dubrovnik: Conclude your journey by returning to the Sunsail base in Dubrovnik. Celebrate the adventure with a prize-giving ceremony for the winners of the dinghy race.

Prices for a one-week Elafiti Flotilla, departing on the 22nd of September 2024, start from £2456.70, based on two people and includes a fully equipped Sunsail 34 Classic yacht, flotilla fee, tourism tax, support from a lead yacht, assistance with moorings at each stop, and marine park permit. At each daily morning briefing, the lead crew advises on the day’s sailing, ideal routes, weather conditions and hidden gems to discover.

For more information about Sunsail, please visit www.sunsail.co.uk or call +44 (0) 330 3321170 to speak to a friendly Holiday Planner.