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Perri Kiely for Glasses Direct

Client: Glasses Direct

Perri Kiely x Glasses Direct

Supporting Glasses Direct & brand ambassador, Perri Kiely, to launch a VIP collection

The Challenge

Glasses Direct, the UK’s leading online Glasses Retailer, wanted to target a younger audience, maximising the continuing partnership with brand ambassador and global, dancing superstar, Perri Kiely. The brand wanted to highlight how glasses can be a fashionable accessory to showcase your personality and accentuate your style. Glasses Direct tasked ADPR to create an impactful campaign around the launch of Perri’s exclusive new glasses collection, to include a VIP launch event and create a buzz for the new collection.
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“The ADPR team were very supportive throughout the whole process. We worked closely together to ensure nothing was missed and everyone was up to date. Due to COVID restrictions, we needed to change the event’s date and ADPR helped us to quickly turn this around and deliver a beautiful event.”

Clara Baueb, PR & Social Media Manager

The Solution

ADPR worked closely with Glasses Direct to develop an exciting and unique launch event. ADPR handled the research and booking of an event space in London, the catering and hiring of an event photographer. ADPR also managed the design and styling of the event, including the installation of a unique, neon sign and foliage selfie wall as a focal point for the evening. The end result would be a sleek, urban aesthetic, providing a great backdrop for pictures and social content.

At the centre of the event, each of the unique frames were arranged in an appealing display with mirrors, allowing guests to try on each of the styles at the event. Both Glasses Direct and ADPR teams were in attendance to talk through the collection and assist the guests with any questions or styling.

Social media coverage would be important, so a particular focus was given to inviting influencers, as well as key journalists, alongside Perri’s Diversity squad and KISS FM Breakfast team. All who attended the event were gifted exclusive goodie bags designed by ADPR, featuring a branded water bottle, a voucher for a free pair of glasses from the new collection and information about Perri’s new London Retro (a Glasses Direct brand) collection.

Flexibility was a priority due to timely Covid variants. ADPR therefore managed a postponement of the event by a month.

The Results

The launch event took place in February 2022 and was attended by 26 influencers and journalists. With a laid back and casual feel to match Perri’s personality, guests could mingle, try on the glasses and chat to Perri to learn more about the inspiration for the collection and his plans for the future.

There was a huge social impact from the event, with a total of combined audience reach of more than 6.7million from the guests who posted on their channels. Attendees commented how great the goodie bags were and how exciting it was to discuss the collection with Perri directly, who also helped match frames and colours with their own style.

After the event, the majority of the influencers ordered a pair of the frames, which have featured in additional social media posts, linking to fashion and @mentioning Glasses Direct and Perri. The collection sold extremely well, with most of the limited collection selling out.

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