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Client: Sunsail Holidays

Lost Skills campaign

To raise awareness of sailing holidays with new audiences and drive leads

The Challenge

Many people think you need to have sailed before to try a sailing holiday. Sunsail wanted to share with people how they can learn new skills and experience the freedom of being out on the water. With 20 stunning bases around the world, leading yacht charter company Sunsail asked ADPR to create a campaign to raise brand awareness, encourage Brits to get on board and help drive booking inquires.
ADPR PR Agency | Creating & Delivering Strategic Communications

ADPR recommended undertaking a survey and working with a broadcast and research agency and this was a new approach for us. Having the consumer research meant we could myth bust more effectively and build a digital campaign to amplify the broadcast interview day. ADPR managed the process fantastically from the initial briefing to advising Dee on tailoring the messages for each interview. It was a very positive way to start 2019 and this was reflected in the number of bookings!”

Kate Staniforth, UK Senior Marketing Manager for Sunsail

The Solution

Sunsail’s Lost Skills campaign was designed to drive leads and sales at a critical time of year, capture and share the freedom of sailing and tap into the growing trend for experiential travel. Dee Caffari MBE, Sunsail UK’s ambassador and sailing legend appeared on Sky Sports News as well as featuring on 20+ radio stations, including BBC Radio Leeds and Talk Sport Radio. This formed part of a larger campaign where we commissioned research and broadcast agency 4 Media Relations to work on heightening Sunsail’s brand awareness within the UK. As part of the campaign, Dee who has sailed around the world six times, was pitched for a broadcast day of interviews. A legendary sailor, Dee didn’t take up the sport until she went to university. Her inclusive, pragmatic and engaging style made her the perfect campaign spokesperson – sharing her sailing experiences, drive to help reduce plastics in the ocean and best holiday tips for first time sailors. As well as a supporting news release, Sunsail client-led digital marketing amplified the activity.

The Results

The research survey, of 2,000 UK adults, revealed that despite Britain once boasting the world’s biggest navy, we’ve lost our desire for adventure – 30% of Brits have never navigated using a printed paper map, 29% described their ideal summer holiday as somewhere they’ve been before, with only 4% of adults describing their ideal summer holiday as the more extreme the better. Through her interviews, Dee was able to bust myths, share her experiences and give listeners the chance to find out more about how sailing holidays offer flexibility, freedom to explore and the chance to wake up every morning with a different view from your window. To further heighten engagement and interest Dee talked about the joys of sailing, including working as a team and the benefit to mental health. As well as a rise in website traffic and enquiries, Sunsail were thrilled with the increase in booked holidays during January 2019.

  •  Air time of 155 minutes and more than 20 interviews including  
  • Audience reach of 6.65 million
  • 37 more holidays booked in January 2019 compared to January 2018

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