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ADPR devises and delivers smart, creative and tactical PR campaigns that really reach and engage target audiences. Whether your need is to launch a new product, revitalise or change perceptions of an existing brand, or protect your reputation in a crisis, you can rely on ADPR to deliver excellent results.

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"A" is for Apple Store

"A" is for Apple Store

We're based at the beautiful Old Apple Store

"D" is for Drive

"D" is for Drive

We drive our client campaigns forward

"P" is for Passion

"P" is for Passion

Our team have lots of passion for their clients

"R" is for Recruit

"R" is for Recruit

We only recruit the best staff

A is for Atlas

"A" is for Atlas

We work with clients and the press across the globe

D is for Deliver

"D" is for Deliver

We deliver excellent results for our clients

P is for Pride

"P" is for Pride

ADPR is proud of its work and achievements

R is for Relationships

"R" is for Relationships

We create and maintain strong relationships

"A" is for Achievement

"A" is for Achievement

We work closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals

"D" is for Delicate

"D" is for Delicate

We handle delicate situations with complete care and professionalism

"P" is for Package

"P" is for Package

We offer the whole package

"R" is for Relish

"R" is for Relish

We relish the thought of working with you

A is for Apprentice

"A" is for Apprentice

We are committed to the the development of our employees

D is for Decisive

"D" is for Decisive

We make decisions with our clients' best interests in mind

P is for Publicity

"P" is for Publicity

We create great publicity for our clients

R is for Revolutionising

"R" is for Revolutionising

ADPR is revolutionising the world of PR

A is for Ambassador

"A" is for Ambassador

We are great ambassadors for our clients

D is for Dedicated

"D" for Dedicated

We are dedicated to our clients' success

"P" is for Poppy Appeal

"P" is for Poppy Appeal

Lest We Forget

R is for Recipe

"R" is for Recipe

We know the recipe for success... and have a resident chef!

A is for Alice

"A" is for Alice

Alice knows a thing or two about PR & how it can help your business...

D is for Dog

"D" is for Dog

Yep, we have an office dog - Every business should have one!

P is for Planning

"P" is for Planning

A great PR campaign doesn't happen by accident - see the results...

R is for Rural

"R" is for Rural

Being based in the beautiful Somerset countryside gives us all our inspiration!

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  • Kate O'Sullivan - Account Director
  • Kate O'Sullivan - Account Director

Kate O'Sullivan

Account Director

Kate has excellent campaign management skills and has developed strong relationships with key journalists in the national and international travel, sports, marine and glossy magazine sectors. Kate...

  • Chrissie Williams - Consultant
  • Chrissie Williams - Consultant

Chrissie Williams


Whether it's large international or smaller niche clients, Chrissie’s strengths lie in her solutions driven approach. She has great organisational skills, attention to detail, tenacity and...

David Barrow


David Barrow is internationally acknowledged as one of the most respected and best connected individuals in the marine industry. He has over 35 years of marine industry knowledge and experience in...

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Our experienced and creative team deliver original, inspiring and results-driven PR campaigns.

ADPR knows how to raise awareness of your products and services where it counts.

From international campaigns, launching into developing markets, or establishing your brand or service locally, we know how to get your marketing messages positively positioned where it most matters.

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