Ethics in PR

How ethics in PR has changed

When you think of ethical industries, public relations might not be among the first that spring to mind. Spin doctors blurring the lines between truth and marketing haven’t done many favours for the public’s perception of PR. However, PR has changed greatly in the last few decades and perhaps it doesn’t quite deserve the bad rap it still holds.

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Phone with Threads logo on pink background with social images scattered around

Should my brand be on Threads? Pros and cons for business

The recent launch of Threads this month seems to have taken the world by storm, with over 100 million people signing up to the new social media app in its first 5 days, making it the fastest growing app in history!

With so many people signing up, no doubt you’re wondering if it’s the right move for your brand to join the platform too. As with any business decision, there’s a long list of pros and cons to consider, so let’s take a look at some before you decide if Threads is worth your valuable time and energy.

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How AI is Reshaping the PR Landscape

As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, PR professionals find themselves at the forefront of a seismic shift, where AI-driven tools and algorithms are revolutionising the way communication strategies are crafted, executed, and measured. We're delving into the ways AI is reshaping PR, exploring the opportunities it presents, the challenges it poses, and the new frontiers it opens...

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Computer with one human hand and one robotic hand

Will AI replace marketing jobs?

Since ChatGPT launched in November 2022, AI has been dominating the news agenda. With the dramatic increase in the sophistication of generative AI tools, inevitably the question has been asked, will AI replace marketing jobs?

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