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2020 travel trends revealed: opportunities for the travel industry

With a shift in demographics and emerging technologies, it’s an exciting time for the travel industry.

Whether you specialise in the hospitality sector, transport or entertainment, we’ve identified and rounded up the latest trends to help you stay on top. Embracing and maximising these travel trends is key to remaining relevant in the future.

You may already have implemented new initiatives based on these trends, and if not, it’s important to get on board now so you don’t get left behind!

Enriching the customer experience

Consumers have more options than ever, so ensuring loyalty and satisfaction is increasingly important. From the chatbots used to book a trip, to the food on offer, to the smart devices in the hotel room and the AR applications that help guests navigate their destinations — it’s all about improving the way the customer feels about their journey or their stay.

Wellness and mindfulness

Both adventure tourism and wellness continue as major trends for 2020. Rising wellness aspirations are transforming luxury and redefining affluent consumers’ expectations. Wellness travel is about prioritising physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

  • Mindfulness-nature immersion getaways influence to find ways to combat issues such as anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Painmoons – for individuals going through difficult periods, to treat their issues in an environment that is comforting.
  • Digital detox – switch off from life, de-stress and reconnect with yourself and those around you.
  • Active retreat – introduce activities which we may not have had the confidence to try alone.


Factors like Instagram-led mass travel and cheap package deals have steered tourists into delicate destinations. Social and environmental consequences of overtourism in destinations like Barcelona, Venice, Dubrovnik and even Mount Everest has made travellers think carefully about where and when they place their tourism footprint.

Consumers are considering destinations they may have not before. For example, after economic issues or natural disasters, or unsung corners of the world that offer a peaceful but exciting alternative to congested streets and hiking trails elsewhere.

Looking at shoulder seasons or low season travel, this not only keeps the costs of travel down, but also helps build a more stable year-round economy in the local community.


For the thrifty 25-40-year-old, combining work and leisure travel is the most effective way to visit locations that they might otherwise not be able to afford.

According to a survey by Great Hotels of the World:

  • 75% of respondents extended business trips for leisure purposes, in most cases multiple times a year.
  • 44% of travellers feel that b-leisure has been on the rise and will increase further in the future.

Sustainable travel

Today’s customers are more ecologically conscious than ever and so globe-trotting in 2020 should be sustainable, local and truly get under the skin of a given destination.

According to, 73% of global travellers intend to stay at least once in an eco-friendly accommodation in the next year and 70% say they’d be more likely to book a place knowing that it has green credentials.

Virtual reality

VR makes it easier for consumers to plan trips and explore destinations before taking the plunge. It can also be used to enrich visits to historic sites by recreating ancient monuments and other structures as they might have appeared. Other examples might include interactive virtual maps or VR hotel tours/360 video tours to present your hotel upfront.

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