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How to deal with negative reviews on social media

Receiving a negative review on social media is never something any brand looks forward to. However, they aren’t actually all bad… It may be a surprise to hear they can provide opportunities to show what a fabulous company you are in different ways! If dealt with effectively, bad reviews highlight your exceptional customer service and other positives about your brand in light of the negative feedback.

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Mastering media relations

It is no question that the media is an important force of influence, persuasion, and reputation for individuals and businesses. The media has considerable power over our ideas and opinions, so it is nothing short of vital to master media relationships professionally and purposefully for your brand.

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How to launch an email newsletter

Launching an email newsletter can be a daunting venture as it requires both creativity and diligence. Whilst email newsletters may have the misconception they are simply promotional emails that inevitably end up in junk, a well planned and well informed newsletter that adds value to your customers can enhance brand loyalty and keep you front of mind for future business opportunities.

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