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Top grammar tips for businesses

PR Apprentice at ADPR, Kira, recently attended a PRCA webinar on ‘Getting to grips with grammar’, highlighting essential grammar tips for business writing. Led by PRCA trainer and self-acclaimed grammar enthusiast, Emma Ewing, we will be sharing some of Emma’s top grammar tips for business, so you too can brush up on the basics to make your writing the best it can be!


Tone of voice

Before you write anything, understand what your tone of voice will be. Your tone of voice is important as it will impact how your writing is interpreted. It conveys mood, emotion and perspective, with the ability to change the meaning of words by how you execute the message.

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Understanding sentence structure

The structure in which you place your words in a sentence will make a huge difference. To ensure your writing is professional, sentence structures should be to the point, clear and concise – especially in emails.

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Active and passive voice

Writing in both active and passive voice should be used to have the best effect on your audience. While it’s recommended to use passive voice less often, a good mix of active and passive verbs will make your written English varied and exciting. Don’t be afraid of combinations!

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Proof-reading can help to prevent poor use of grammar, and inconsistent writing habits. Never rush your writing and read it through again slowly after you have finished. Unprofessional writing will devalue your message and can even cause the reader to misunderstand the contents, we have all seen examples of an incorrectly placed comma massively changing the meaning of a sentence!

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Good grammar is the foundation of all writing, so revising your writing skills with these tips may flag up some poor habits you have picked up over the years! Going back to basics with grammar can help you make the most of your content.

“Know as much as you can about the rules but strive above all for clarity and grace. Think always of the effect you’ll have on your audience.” – Jack Lynch, American Author

For style guides and references we recommend:

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