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What is PR?

PR is an area that is often misunderstood, so we're going right back to basics to iron out exactly what we mean by Public Relations (PR) and what the differences are between PR and advertising.

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The ADPR guide to successful news releases

A press release (or news release or media release) is a written communication directed at the media to announce something newsworthy. They are typically emailed to editors and journalists at newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV stations with the aim of securing positive media coverage to boost a company’s profile.

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Illustrating your business through Instagram and Pinterest

Utilising social media effectively for your business can really help to switch your business up a gear. If you have a particularly eye-catching or visually appealing brand, products, or services, you are missing out if you aren’t already optimising the more aesthetic social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest. Make the most of these platforms with our easy-to-follow guide below with everything you need to know about using Instagram and Pinterest for business—from setting up your account to creating a winning strategy.

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How to launch a newsletter

For any business, launching a newsletter can be a daunting venture as it requires both creativity and diligence. You may receive them in your inbox and have a misconception that they are simply promotional emails that inevitably end up in your junk folder but creating a planned and well-informed newsletter that adds value to your customers can actually boost your client relationships as well as helping to reach even more people through shares on social platforms. For more information about launching a newsletter, check out Episode 4 from Season 2 of our podcast, Revitalise & Grow. 

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How to make thought leadership work for you

Thought leadership is one element of the PR and communications toolkit that helps to establish and increase a brand’s authority across a specific sector. It is often an expression of ideas, predictions and/or commentary which helps to demonstrate a particular expertise in a field, area or topic. If you’d like to know more about thought leadership, why not have a listen to this week’s Revitalise & Grow podcast linked in the post.

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Why PR is perfect for limited budgets

Running a small business is no easy task, you’ll often be faced with limited time, resources and budget in order to help your business grow. However, you need to put yourself out there as much as possible in order to generate leads and bring in new customers, you won’t be able to make a significant return on investment if you don’t generate the right interest! There is a misconception that PR means big glitzy events and campaigns that cost the earth, but the truth is PR can be activated across a variety of budgets and can (and should!) be used by businesses of all sizes! For more tips and tricks on making PR work on a shoestring, check out our podcast here.

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Launching a product on a shoe-string budget

Launching a product without a substantial budget can indeed be a daunting experience, but this alone should not be a factor in stopping you from putting your product out in the world! Fortunately, advances in digital technologies provides plenty of opportunities to market a product with low to no budget, and when done right, can be incredibly effective (and there are a whole host of success stories out there to act as motivation!). Keep reading below to find some cost-effective techniques with a proven track record.

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Qualifications and courses for aspiring PR professionals

Qualifications are so important to develop the required skills and knowledge about the Public Relations (PR) industry. Although, prior to my PR role, I was far from aware of the options available in the industry! Having now achieved a PR qualification (a Distinction in the Higher Lever 4 PRCA PR Apprenticeship) and currently studying for another (PR & Communications Degree at Greenwich University) I want to share with you my personal suggestions and advice when it comes to the most prominent qualifications and courses to skyrocket your career in PR. For even more tips about starting a career in PR through an apprenticeship, check out our latest podcast, featuring special guest, Steph Umebuani - the PRCA’s Head of Apprenticeships.

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PR Apprenticeships: ADPR’s Journey!

We’re passionate about upskilling our team and providing them with the opportunities to develop their careers. From in-house knowledge sharing to industry-recognised international qualifications – our team have done it all! We have been lucky enough to form a great relationship with the PRCA, the world’s largest PR professional body, who manage the PR Apprenticeship scheme. Having recently employed our fifth apprentice at ADPR, and to celebrate the 15th National Apprenticeship Week (7 – 13 February) we’re reflecting on the huge benefit apprentices offer to our agency. For more about how the PR Apprenticeship works, check out our recent podcast episode with special guest, the PRCA’s Head of Apprenticeships, Stephanie Umebuani.

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Top tips for communicating change in your organisation

Change comes in many different forms. It can be exciting and is essential to business innovation and growth, but it can also occur when a business is in crisis. Common reasons for making change include mergers and acquisitions, changes in personnel, redundancies, physical relocation, restructuring or operational changes to name just a few. Check out Episode 7 from Season 2 of our podcast, Revitalise & Grow, for more tips on managing change.

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