Event PR 10.05.2019

Ultimate event PR checklist

Organising a press event? Not sure where to start? We’ve given you a head start with our ultimate event PR checklist to help you organise the perfect press event.

Prior to event

  • Determine event budget, goals and objectives
  • Choose a location, date and time
  • Develop event master plan with an itinerary for the event
  • Build the guest list
  • Invite event guests – give as much notice as possible, aim for 6 weeks
  • Produce media kit
  • Arrange photographer/videographer and brief them
  • Produce internal briefing document and brief your team
  • Ensure media kit is ready for the event, either physically or on USBs
  • Brief the client on the event

During event

  • Keep the itinerary to hand and try to keep to the plan and your timings!
  • Greet the journalists, introduce their point of contact and ensure they are getting what they need and are well looked after
  • Oversee the photographer/videographer to ensure good content is available to share with press

After the event

  • Follow up with the journalists to thank them for attending, provide them with images and check they have all the information they need
  • Share event photos and publicity through your own channels
  • Analyse what worked versus where improvements can be made
  • Debrief with the client and feedback on what an awesome success it was!

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If you would like some assistance in making it a success, drop us a message about your event and let’s have a chat about how we can help.