Writing a winning award entry

It’s October, which means awards season 2017 has well and truly kicked into gear. Opening the award season was the Emmys in September, followed by the likes of the Golden Globe Awards, the Oscars, the BAFTAs and many more, with awards evenings taking place right the way through to early 2018.

Aside from making a wonderful addition to any office shelf, winning a prestigious award and even a nomination can be used as a fantastic new business tool. They can increase your credibility, build up the company profile and lift team morale.

You don’t have to be a natural born writer to put forward a winning award entry. Ultimately, it’s about answering questions accurately and concisely, and making your business stand out! You simply need to follow a structured process and focus on showcasing your unique qualities. We’ve put together our simple techniques, to ensure your entry catches the judges’ eye.

Answer the questions properly

Read the questions carefully, and write targeted answers. Also avoid copy and pasting – it’s easy to spot content that has been copied and pasted from press releases, website copy and various other marketing assets. Not only will it look lazy, it’s also unlikely to answer all the key questions. We recommend drafting an outline of what you want to get across and summarising your key points (without the waffle – judges will have lots of entries to read and will appreciate a concise, well-structured entry).

Write convincingly and use evidence to back up the claims

A winning entry will be memorable, engaging and tell a story – you can do this by providing context and background. You’ll want to make sure your entry stands out, and it goes without saying that real passion can help your words jump off the page, so we would recommend including compelling words and third-party testimonials. In addition, facts and figures can improve the legitimacy of your awards entry, but be careful not to go overboard! Only include them if they are relevant to the question.

Assign somebody the responsibility

Someone in your company should be accountable for managing the award entry process. This person isn’t necessarily going to be the person closest to the projects that you’re submitting, nor the finest copywriter, but will take ownership of your awards calendar and collate the information required from the relevant teams. Coordination is essential, otherwise you will miss deadlines and rush through your submissions.

Read, proofread and repeat… avoid typos!

Your award entry needs to be thoroughly proofed before it is submitted. Whoever writes the awards entry needs to get it checked by the best writers in your business. Typos never make a good impression. We recommend at least two people proof read the content – we’re all human, and sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can see the mistakes that we can’t.

Make sure clients give you the go – ahead

If you’re submitting an entry that references a client project in any kind of detail – then be sure to seek approval in advance, especially if it contains sensitive information.

ADPR is a proud sponsor of the Somerset Business awards, we look forward to celebrating with this year’s finalists at the awards ceremony on Friday 20 October.

We hope that these techniques can help you win an award, but if you require support with a submission or want to discuss how to make the most of a win, please contact ADPR at hello@adpr.co.uk.


*Photo caption: Somerset Business Awards finalists 2016