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How social media can help to boost your retail PR campaign

We are sure that you are aware of the countless opportunities and possibilities that social media can bring to your retail brand. Social media offers so many creative ways to boost your business’ online presence and introduce you to a new audience.

Utilising social media in your campaign strategy should reinforce your coordinated marketing efforts and goals for your retail campaign. Optimising social media channels by producing meaningful, eye-catching content will generate elevated interest in your retail PR campaign, amplifying the campaign’s success and reaching your business’s aims and KPIs!


Compelling content

Curating compelling content for your retail PR campaign is essential to showcase via your social media platforms. Your content should be engaging, filled with key messaging and inspiring content to motivate your audience to successfully achieve your goal audience outcomes. You will need to keep in mind what effect you want your communication to have on the audience, be that changing their attitude, opinions or behaviour through your retail campaign and ultimately uplifting your brand reputation and driving sales.

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Images, infographics, videos and even podcasts are all highly valuable assets to utilise in your retail PR campaign on your social media platforms. Having an appealing visual aesthetic is critically important on social media, so creating a variation of eye-catching assets to post on socials alongside your written and video content will help entice your consumers to not only your campaign, but your retail products and brand too.

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Consumer engagement

You need to define your perfect target audience demographic beforehand to ensure you are engaging with the right people on social media. Think about who your customers are, what pages they follow, hashtags they use and posts they like. To drive consumer engagement for your retail PR campaign, you will need to proactively communicate with your audience, remember it’s a two-way street and you must engage to get engagement!

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Campaign awareness

Social media is a critical tool to use in your overall campaign strategy to boost awareness. The unique shareability of posts on social media enables your campaign to reach audiences that may never have engaged with your brand before. Hashtags are another social-media-only way to reach your retail target audience. Using a memorable campaign hashtag should help you to gain attention on your posts as well as driving user generated content for your campaign.

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Working with influencers on social media can be an extremely beneficial way to elevate your retail PR campaign to new heights! The best influencers are usually considered highly authentic to their followers, meaning their audience trusts and are genuinely influenced by their opinion. Using retail influencers strategically can help you reach your desired target audience to boost knowledge and success for your campaign, whilst using the credibility of a relevant influencer. Win-win!

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