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Covid-19 PR advice

COVID-19: PR & comms guidance

How to approach COVID-19 communications | tips and advice

A personal message from Kate, Owner and MD of ADPR

Hello, firstly, I’d like to say that I hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well in these unprecedented times.

The past few weeks have seen the entire world rocked to its core and life for everyone has changed beyond belief. It’s only today that I’ve been able to come up for air and take some much needed time to pause and reflect on how life for me and everyone else has changed… [read more]

Kate Osullivan

A recent Censuswide survey revealed that almost three in five (58%) consumers said that the way a brand behaves during Covid-19 will have a direct affect on their purchasing behaviour in the future, with nearly half (48%) saying that they would trust a brand less if there was no communication during the crisis. 

COVID-19 resources from ADPR

A solid communications strategy will be key to help you weather this storm. It will keep you visible and front of mind with your customers, whether or not you can currently sell to them. Keeping an engaged relationship with your customers now will help you make the most of the inevitable bounce back. And we want to help. We hope that by providing advice and guidance on crisis comms strategies during the pandemic, businesses will feel just a little more confident and prepared at this daunting time.

Here is our list of COVID-19 related blogs, this will be updated regularly so please keep checking back or sign-up to receive a weekly round-up here.


Case study: Framing the work of the NHS with Glasses Direct

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Glasses Direct wanted to give something back to the hardworking staff of the NHS. Find out how we crafted an impactful announcement to share with the national, regional and online media, plus relevant influencers, to share this news far and wide, and help as many people as possible get the glasses they need at this challenging time.

Need help or advice with your COVID-19 marketing and communications strategy?

Here at ADPR we believe that collaboration and kindness goes a long way, especially in times of need. Most businesses will be facing economic challenges over the coming weeks, but what we all have is experience and knowledge we can share with others. Right now your communication strategy will be more important than ever and we want to help.

We are offering a FREE 15-minute discussion and follow up email with one of our communications experts to any businesses affected by COVID-19 with no required commitment to continue using our service.

If you are worried about any of the following topics, please get in contact as soon as possible. All calls will be managed on a first come, first served basis and will continue for as long as the ADPR team remain fit and well.

  • Key principles and best practices for crisis planning
  • How to communicate well with your internal and external audiences
  • How to communicate well with a remote workforce and how to protect the psychological safety of employees
  • How to cut through the media hype to communicate accurate information and advice
  • Managing your brand beyond the media
  • Keeping your brand visible when your business is forced into temporary shutdown

To book your free discussion or to find out more, please email

If you are a supplier who also feels able to offer your help and expertise to businesses that might be struggling, please do get in touch.


Take care,

– The ADPR team x


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